Adult Agencies Begin Complying With New Sexual Harassment, Eating Disorders Rule

Adult Agencies Begin Complying With New Sexual Harassment, Eating Disorders Rule

LOS ANGELES — Talent agencies in the adult industry have begun complying with new California Labor Commission requirements requiring them to “provide educational materials on sexual harassment prevention and eating disorders to performers who work with them.”

This requirement, also known as California Assembly Bill AB-2338, applies to all talent agencies operating in California, both mainstream and adult.

“I emailed all the materials to all the girls asking that they reply in the affirmative that they’ve received it and that they understood it,” prominent talent agent Mark Spiegler told XBIZ. “I also sent them the law, and they have to confirm that they’ve read it and understood.”

The Spiegler Girls founder approves of the Labor Commission’s new rule, stating that “it may have the outcome of having a few more talent come forward in the future [about those issues], especially if they involve an agent, or director, producers or other personnel. It might encourage people to do something about it.”

“I was thrilled to see the AB-2338 package show up in my inbox from Spiegler,” agency client Casey Calvert — a top performer, producer and, as of recently, director — told XBIZ. “I think it’s fantastic that the bill passed and that there will be some additional regulation on talent agencies in all facets of entertainment. I hope other adult agencies take this as seriously as Mark is, and maybe this will lead to some positive change.”

Spiegler agreed, stating, “We are legitimate talent agencies, same as CAA or WME, and we have the same licenses and we have to follow the same regulations.”

Motley Models' Dave Rock told XBIZ that he loves the opportunity “to help educate our talent on any material that will help our talent have a more professional and healthy experience with the agency and the business as a whole."

OC Modeling's Sandra thinks this training should have been added a long time ago. "As of Jan 1 I had this implemented with my agency and my staff," she told XBIZ. "Every girl that sits with me to sign up gets a long speech and a huge handout that covers everything. We chat about the state of the industry, including sex abuse, sexual violence, proper nutrition and suicide prevention, and where to get help. Being a woman in a male dominated profession, talking about this is really important to me, as is empowering the girls, giving them a voice and not to feel pressured or to be a victim."

"We can prevent so much if we just listen and help," Sandra concluded.

ATMLA's Mark Schechter concurs. "When we were first made aware of the new law put in place by the State of Calif., we quickly adapted a policy and procedure to insure we complied with the regulation and provided each model who joined ATMLA after Jan 1, 2019 a pamphlet with all the required information," he told XBIZ. "I am in full support of this new regulation — simply bringing the subject matter to awareness will certainly help all continued efforts to protect the health and safety for all models."

Back in May, Free Speech Coalition (FSC)'s Executive Director Eric Paul Leue emphasized that "talent agencies in our industry should be vigilant about providing these materials to their current roster and any new clients."

"Given the highly specialized nature of the work, it’s important that we educate performers about their rights, and provide them support for any issues they may face on set," added the industry trade group's director.

Read the complete California Labor Commission materials on Sexual Harassment and Eating Disorders


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