Attorney Maxine Lynn to Keynote Inaugural Sextech Conference in Berlin

Attorney Maxine Lynn to Keynote Inaugural Sextech Conference in Berlin

BERLIN — Attorney Maxine Lynn will be a special guest speaker at the inaugural SX Tech conference in Berlin, July 1, where she will present a keynote address and masterclass as part of an agenda that also includes multiple panel discussions and a hackathon.

Lynn’s keynote, “Intelsexual Property — From the Legal Perspective,” will focus on the global legal aspects currently affecting the sextech industry, with topics including FOSTA, GDPR, DMCA, the EU Copyright Directive, U.K. age verification, basic intellectual property law and other relevant topics.

Lynn’s masterclass, “Protecting Intellectual Property for SexTech Start-Ups,” will consist of a deep-dive workshop on how to build a foundation for a successful startup via the identification and protection of intellectual property. On the tech side, using a hypothetical scenario, the class will cover how to identify novel portions of technology that are protectable by patent. Developing a strong brand is equally important to strong technology, so the class will also cover considerations in choosing company and product names, and how to protect them using trademark law.

The conference supports the technological and business aspects of the sex- and femtech industry while examining topics of censorship, sexual education and health, the future of contraception, and entertainment and pleasure.

“I am thrilled to be bringing my knowledge to Europe at SX Tech,” Lynn said. “This first-of-its-kind program promises to be a fantastic experience for people trying to break into, or learn more about, sextech and the adult industry.”

“SX Tech is the answer to the current situation, what’s going on with the sextech and femtech industry,” said SX Tech co-founder Ola Miedzynska. “Thanks to women’s empowerment, we have real chances for significant change.”

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