Wesley Woods, Cade Maddox Explore Love, Sex for Himeros.tv

Wesley Woods, Cade Maddox Explore Love, Sex for Himeros.tv

CYBERSPACE — Himeros.tv, the all-male membership site founded by YouTube influencer Davey Wavey, is touting a pair of sensual new scenes starring Cade Maddox and Wesley Woods.

Woods is featured opposite Windom Gold in “Need a Good Fuck.”

“Sometimes, you just need a good fucking,” said Wavey of their sexplay, which was filmed in the Southern California high desert. “This video isn’t just about fucking. It’s about releasing stress and anxiety through anal stimulation and play involving fingers, tongues, knuckles and, yes, cocks.”

Woods and Gold, however, take genuine pleasure in each other. “In a lot of porn — and, perhaps, in most of our sex lives — we rush through the rimming and fingering in favor of the main course of fucking,” Wavey notes. “What I love about this video is everything that happens before the fucking. Wesley takes his time with the ass-eating and fingering. He’s deliberate and present. And it makes the entire experience more effective — not just at reducing stress and anxiety, but in generating ecstasy, pleasure and bliss.”

Click here for a hardcore preview and VOD/digital download details for “Need a Good Fuck.”

Maddox appears in “The Dancer” opposite Dalton Briggs.

“It’s gorgeous to watch, but why is it so hard to dance for someone you love? It has to do with vulnerability,” Wavey said. ”On one hand, you know that your boyfriend is into you because, well, he’s your boyfriend. He’s attracted to you. You’ve already won him over. A sexy dance or striptease shouldn’t be that scary, right? What could go wrong with a little vulnerability? In my opinion, some of that apprehension is well founded. Vulnerability can be risky business.”

Wavey enjoys the scenario enacted in the Maddox/Briggs matchup. “Showing off for a partner — a striptease, or just being an exhibitionist — might feel foreign at first, but when it’s done with just a few tips in mind, the sexy scenario can be highly arousing for the both of you,” he said. “You may not have six-pack abs, complete confidence or be a great dancer. But the good news is none of that matters.”

For a hardcore preview and VOD/digital download information for “The Dancer,” click here.

Wavey founded Himeros.tv to enable the viewer to enhance and explore their sexuality through erotic demonstrations of pleasure, sensuality and connection between men. Follow the site on Twitter.

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