Whitney Wright to Direct, Produce and Write for MissaX, AllHerLuv

Whitney Wright to Direct, Produce and Write for MissaX, AllHerLuv

LOS ANGELES — 2019 XBIZ Web Director of the Year Missa X has announced the addition of director, writer and producer Whitney Wright to her growing roster of talent directors.

According to a rep, "Fans are used to seeing Whitney in front of the camera, but will now be introduced to her skills behind the camera. She's hiring her own crew, her own actors to fill her roles and while she may be brand new at directing, she's ambitious and excited to show MissaX and AllHerLuv members her unique perspective."

Her first release is a two-scene movie titled "Endless," which is now available on AllHerLuv.com.

Wright told XBIZ, "Avi, Ana, Lacy and Will did amazing jobs and really helped bring this to life. I'm extremely proud of what we made."

"I've worked with Whitney in some of my favorite scenes, and I know she has a creative mind," Missa X told XBIZ. "I feel as if our scenes we've made together at MissaX.com are more like collaborations. I wanted to see what she could do on her own, with her own crew ... 'Endless' surpassed our expectations. I can't wait to see what else Whitney has to show us, she's an amazing storyteller.

"The future of porn is in the hands of the actors," she added. "Our hope is to continue to give this opportunity to Whitney and actors with these abilities. Whitney has, at the time of writing this, written an additional scene for MissaX.com, and she is currently writing other scenes. We're grateful to add her to our team."