Crypto Comes to WordPress With's WooCommerce Plugin

Crypto Comes to WordPress With's WooCommerce Plugin

LOS ANGELES — Adding cryptocurrency payments to the world’s most popular publishing platform has become easy and free with the launch of’s plugin.

According to the company, the WooCommerce plugin is now available for download and installation at the WordPress plugin repository, enabling crypto payments for the shopping system’s 3.5 million users.

“The plugin has been operational for a few months via direct integration on but we held off submitting the plugin to WordPress until we had updated our help documentation,” said COO Nathan Smale, who noted that the cryptocurrency payment gateway is an adult-friendly solution designed to sit alongside a merchant’s other existing payment options, such as credit cards or even PayPal. “Having a crypto payment option is especially useful in the event that a customer’s credit card declines and you don’t want to lose a sale.”

Smale explained that when a site uses’s crypto plugin, prices are displayed in the merchant’s local currency throughout the site, and then at checkout, the local price is converted to the cryptocurrency of the customer’s choosing. The customer then sends their crypto to the wallet address provided by the payment gateway and once received, the transaction is marked as paid in WooCommerce and the funds are transferred to the merchant at the end of each day.

In addition to the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce, a transactional API is now available for direct integrations that enable complete control over the customer’s checkout experience.

Download’s WooCommerce plugin here.

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