L.A. Pump, LonBrook Ink Deal for Australia Distribution

L.A. Pump, LonBrook Ink Deal for Australia Distribution

LONG BEACH — L.A. Pump, the makers of male and female pumping products has announced a new distribution deal with LonBrook.

“At LonBrook, pumps for both male and female have long been one of our most consistent sell-through categories,” LonBrook Managing Director Michael Bassett said. “We are really thrilled with this new deal as it enables us to distribute products from one of the best adult toy manufacturers in the U.S. L.A. Pumps are in demand and have been requested by our customer base. We are awaiting the arrival of their products as eagerly as our customers. L.A. Pumps have been renowned for their superior quality and durability and its pre-demand shows that this is the brand most of our users are after.”

L.A. Pump offers a unique line of handcrafted, diamond-cut, polished flame cylinders for enlargement of the penis, penis balls, nipples and foreskin through hyperemiation (vacuum pumping).

In the words of Chris Kalev, co-owner at L.A. Pump,

“We are truly honored to have LonBrook as our distributing partner in Australia,” L.A. Pump co-owner Chris Kalev said. “Michael and LonBrook have a wonderful reputation in this industry, and we are really excited to work with them. We hope that this new partnership strengthens our brands together by opening up new customer demographics that are ready to latch onto our products.”

L.A. Pump offers one of the widest ranges of cylinder sizes in the industry with vacuum pumps that are made of high-quality materials and are easy to clean. The company’s pumps are said to be helpful in treating impotence, premature ejaculation, and increase sex drive and sexual performance, and have been recommended by doctors in some cases for those purposes, the company said.

For more information about L.A. Pump, visit LAPDist.com.

For more information on LonBrook, visit LonBrook.com.