Argentine Condom 'Consent Pack' Can Only Be Opened by Two People

Argentine Condom 'Consent Pack' Can Only Be Opened by Two People

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Tulipán, a leading Argentine condom brand, has launched a limited edition of condoms called “Pack Consentimiento” (“Consent Pack”), in custom-made packaging which can only be opened by two people.

Tulipán’s goal in launching the product is to raise consciousness about “promoting respect and consent in sexual relationships and to avoid sexual violence,” according to national daily La Nación.

“It’s called ‘Consent Pack’ precisely because it’s an attempt to shine a spotlight on sex as a decision which should be made by two people, where there should only be pleasure if there is agreement and respect,” wrote La Nación’s Oh La Lá section, targeted to female readers.

Pack Consentimiento will be distributed for free at selected Buenos Aires bars and events.

Tulipán is among the top condom brands in the South American nation, and has a long track record of innovative advertising and promotional campaigns. They were one of the first local brands to adopt the idea of “Safe Sex” (“Sexo Seguro”) as part of their branding. “Pack Consentimiento” continues their alignment with progressive causes by supporting the local “No es No” (“No Means No”) movement.

“Tulipán always spoke of 'safe pleasure,' but for this campaign we considered we had to speak about the most important aspect of every sexual relationship: there is only pleasure if both parties give mutual consent,” BBDO Argentina advertising executive Joaquín Campins told local news outlet Infobae.

The ad campaign, unveiled two weeks ago via Twitter, begins with the statement “Si no te dice que sí, es no” (“If they don’t tell you yes, it’s no”).

BBDO Argentina, The Pasto and Oruga shared creative credit for different aspects of the campaign.

For an English-language version of the Consent Pack ad, click here.

These are the tweets that launched the Pack Consentimiento campaign: