Rocks-Off Brings Dr. Rocco, Bamboo Expansions to Adultex

Rocks-Off Brings Dr. Rocco, Bamboo Expansions to Adultex

KETTERING, England — Rocks-Off will bring expansions to its Bamboo and Dr. Rocco lines to the upcoming Adultex tradeshow.

Additions to the Bamboo line include a pair of “elegant brushed metallic” colors called Sun Burst and Moon Dust.

"Bamboo is a great little product,” said Sham Gloria, sales manager for Rocks-Off. “Due to its popularity, we previously added a few options to this with prints and on-trend ombre metallics. Bamboo is a real classic in terms of style and presentation and it’s perfect for beginners who may be shy of buying a product that falls into the everyday sex toy bullet shape. That being said, anyone who knows what these products have been designed for will know in an instant what can be achieved with the flatter surface area and precision C-spot stimulation points."

For retail support, Gloria notes the Bamboo packaging has been redesigned for greater visibility on slat wall displays.

Rocks-Off will also introduce to Adultex attendees the Kit and Kaboodle limited-edition pleasure kit from Dr. Rocco’s Pleasure Product Emporium line.

The pleasure kit was into’ed at recent editions of eroFame and ANME and it is “the perfect addition,” Gloria said, to the Dr. Rocco Range.

"Their products, finishes and packaging have really wowed the industry, so it makes perfect sense to add a kit that people can dive into. We are equally delighted to be launching the (kit) at Adultex, as Calvista is a full-line distributor of the Dr. Rocco range, so we know that current customers, together with lovers of steampunk, are really going to be spoiled. Tally-ho, pip-pip and away!"

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