AEBN Shares 18 Years of Data, Reveals Top-Selling Categories

AEBN Shares 18 Years of Data, Reveals Top-Selling Categories

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Porn pay-per-view pioneer Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN) has released nearly two decades of data, revealing its category trends going back to 2001.

Since 1999, AEBN has offered adult video-on-demand to consumers through a worldwide network of affiliate partners and maintains distribution rights through thousands of content partners, with a vast library of adult video covering straight, gay, fetish, and niche content.

AEBN’s 18 years of quarterly and yearly reports track the company’s top-selling content categories for both straight and gay viewers, charting the evolving trends and tastes of adult consumers from 2001 to the present.

According to a company spokesperson, the data behind its “top categories” reports are based on paid viewing across AEBN’s platform and not on free views, page hits or site searches.

“When fans of adult content choose to spend money,” the spokesperson says, “these reports will show you what categories of content they have been buying.”

AEBN’s Bishop says the company has been sharing movie and scene-specific data with its content partners for years. 

“We love analyzing the trends and purchasing habits of adult consumers, and how their tastes are evolving,” Bishop explains. “It is interesting to compare and see the juxtaposition with other data that is publicly available from other sources based on free viewers’ habits.”

“We feel that information based on what ‘sells’ is an important distinction of our data that is relevant and valuable to share with the adult industry,” Bishop adds. “Since we have so much sales data, going back nearly 20 years, we thought we would add to the conversation.” 

Bishop notes that if content partners have something that they are curious about, AEBN will do its best to research it, with requests taken at

More information will be published quarterly and occasional in-depth articles will highlight data the company finds useful or intriguing.

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