Fleshlight Releases Quickshot Launch Auto-Stroke Machine

Fleshlight Releases Quickshot Launch Auto-Stroke Machine

AUSTIN — Fleshlight has unveiled the Quickshot Launch, an auto-stroke machine that’s designed specifically for use with the Quickshot.

The Quickshot Launch keeps a smartphone securely in place and strokes with four speeds, four lengths, and up to 250 strokes per minute.  

Unlike other auto-masturbation devices, the Quickshot Launch features an open design to provide visual stimulation. The auto-stroke machine puts the power of customizable pleasure in the user’s hands while keeping them free for other matters – like scrolling through photos, finding a favorite scene, or watching a live cam show.

“The Quickshot Launch is an out-of-this-world experience that’s literally a blasst,” Fleshlight founder and CEO Steve Shubin said. “Not only can users watch their favorite entertainment on a securely mounted smartphone, the open design and transparent Quickshot gives them a full view of everything in action. We love incorporating sex tech into our award-winning masturbators, and the Quickshot Launch offers something new and exciting for men to experiment with.”

The Quickshot Launch runs up to 60 minutes on a single charge and is equipped with Fleshlight Active Launch Mode, allowing use while charging the battery. The Quickshot Launch auto-stroke machine and Quickshot masturbator are sold separately.

For more information about the Quickshot Launch, go to QuickshotLaunch.com