ManyVids Launches 'MV Pop' YouTube Series

ManyVids Launches 'MV Pop' YouTube Series

MONTREAL — ManyVids is beginning a new season of its fun and funny SFW YouTube series, “MV Pop.”

According to the company, fans that subscribe to ManyVids’ YouTube channel will enjoy a full menu of exclusive, MV-produced content that is free and completely safe-for-work.

“MV has a ton of different playlists for you to enjoy,” says a company spokesperson, “from MV Presents with discussions of social issues that are important to our community like Trans Awareness Week and Pride Month, to the full broadcast of the MV Awards ceremonies, to interviews with MV Stars and both seasons of the popular MV Podcast.”

“But, one of our favorite playlists, of course, is MV Pop,” the spokesperson adds, calling the new program “a lighthearted and sexy feature where we’ve had a blast hosting Mukbang challenges and cooking with sex toys, playing Chubby Bunny trivia, and other other-worldly hilarious content starring some of your favorite MV Stars.”

The new season of MV Pop can be seen here.