Prowler Launches Bedroom Accessories Line

Prowler Launches Bedroom Accessories Line

LONDON — Prowler has announced the launch of its own range of underwear and douches.

Both items come in clear plastic resealable bags, which can be stood up or hung and are ideal for storage or travel.

As a company rep commented, “preparation makes perfect,” and with eight distinct styles in the Prowler’s line of douches, there’s something for everyone. Douches come in the traditional bulb shape or angled and are available in black or hot orange. Sizes include 89ml, 160ml, 224ml and 310ml options.

The company has also rolled out its own brand of underwear affirming, “Sporty and sexy; versatile and comfortable — this range has it all.”

The Prowler Trunks, Jock Straps and Briefs are made from 93% cotton and 7% elastane and are available in S, M, L and XL. All items are available in white or navy, with a choice of pink or aqua detail. “Pop on the Trunks for day or night, play with your partner in the Jock Strap or go for Briefs if you’re an active type,” stated the rep.

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