Update: More Performers Join Emma Hix Alleging Non-Consensual Behavior on Longtime Director's Sets

Update: More Performers Join Emma Hix Alleging Non-Consensual Behavior on Longtime Director's Sets

Update (Tuesday 3/12, 7:40 a.m.): Director Jimmy Lifestyles has released a 10-minute video titled "Jimmy Lifestyles open apology and full statement" via the Vimeo platform where he addresses the allegations from at least 12 performers about non-consensual and unprofessional behavior on his sets.

Update (2:10 p.m.): Kristen Scott, Elena Koshka and Jane Wilde add their names to a growing list that now includes at least eight more names, bringing the total to eleven performers speaking out against the work conditions on various Jimmy Lifestyles sets.

Update (8:40 a.m.): Emma Hix's co-star, Emma Starletto, has just corroborated, via Twitter, Hix's account of director Jimmy Lifestyles' failure to inform the performers he intended to perform oral sex on them, and his resulting failure to obtain their explicit consent.

This is Starletto's full statement, as posted on her Twitter account:

"I’d like to say that @EMMAHIXOFFICIAL and I are PERFORMERS," Starletto wrote. "We will ALWAYS TRY and make a scene look phenomenal but this was NOT ASKED OR DISCUSSED BEFOREHAND. YES, we were told there would be leprechaun face in my Ass. Was I told or asked to have my panties then pulled to the [s]ide and have a tongue in my vagina or ass? I was not until the very moment happened and to be honest. It was so low I could hardly hear and then he went ahead and did it. You can see IN MY EYES. Are [w]e going to ruin our on camera moment knowing it can be posted? NO."

"Emma and I [w]ent ahead and discussed this situation before continuing. Deciding on how we would handle this. We decided to continue, all circumstances aside. We thought “MAYBE” there’s an off chance this was a miscommunication. The reason we find this an EVEN BIGGER deal than we [o]riginally did was because of HOW it was handled after."

"He continued to laugh in both of our faces, but specifically Emma’s as she tried to explain how this was NOT OKAY. He at one point says, “ nobody on VR headset saw this whats the big deal.” In which Emma replied that IS the [p]roblem. That makes it the BIG DEAL."

"And then she stared recording and that’s when he continues on to say that he may have 'licked me a bit more' which is true considering it went from my asshole down. I understand this is porn and we know what we do. But that’s the keyword."

"We are aware of what we are going to do beforehand. As we keep saying, yes we were aware we were doing the scene. Had we been told directly 'I’m going to lick your asshole' would still have been a problem considering NEITHER of our agents were consulted."

"I always try and enjoy [m]y scenes, which I do. And we tried hard here. HARD. Sorry to blow yalls feeds up."

"Like seriously. I love my job and will always go past my comfortablness to make a scene spectacular but the small malfunction in this is we just weren’t told there would be any licking or even touching of the genitals. Which ONCE AGAIN. Still is NOT OKAY even if was the case [c]onsidering NONE of the agents were advised. Nor was it stated on call sheet. Therefore showing it was randomly placed on us."

Update (8:20 a.m.): Adult actresses Tana Lea and Aidra Fox have joined the list of performers speaking out against director Jimmy Lifestyles' onset behavior. The list now includes, besides Lea and Fox, Ivy Wolfe, Vanna Bardot, Donny Sins and Ashley Adams. "I have to say I am proud of @EMMAHIXOFFICIAL," wrote Fox. "Jimmy is one of three directors on my no list [the list of people a performer will not work with] for reasons exactly like this. There are even fans who tweet me in his defense to shoot for him again but he is the most unprofessional director I have ever shot for in this industry."

Update (8:00 a.m.): Emma Hix and Jimmy Lifestyles continue debating the events of last night on Twitter. Lifestyles has published a short clip of the moment in question. The clip is shot in a way where his mouth cannot be seen, as he is blocked by Hix and Emma Starletto. Lifestyles implies that the clip exonarates him. Hix immediately replied pointing out that the video does not address what had been agreed upon before shooting. "Like I’ve said in 10 other tweets," Hix wrote. "The agreement was to put my ass in your face, never to perform oral. You can see in the video [you're] grabbing my thighs bringing me in closer. The camera may not be able to capture your tongue on my genitals but I know when I feel someone licking."

CYBERSPACE — Adult performer Emma Hix alleged, via a series of detailed tweets and videos, a specific instance of non-consensual behavior during a scene.

The performer posted her account of the incident on Twitter immediately after leaving a veteran industry director's set on Sunday night.

Hix accused Jimmy Lifestyles, an industry director with over 15 years of experience, of engaging in intrusive sexual behavior that had not been previously agreed upon during a scene shot that same night.

Hix's initial tweet, posted immediately after leaving Lifestyles' set at 10:07 p.m., read: "A director stuck his tongue up my ass today and I confronted him and he laughed in my face and said 'I’m over reacting'."

Hix alleged that Lifestyles, who was apparently not originally on the call sheet as a sex performer and cast himself in a small part as a Leprechaun on the spot, had put his mouth on her genital area after having described the scene to Hix and fellow performer Emma Starletto as "softcore."

As of early Monday morning, Starletto has not commented on the incident. Hix posted what appears to be an on-set text exchange between herself and Starletto where Hix asks if Lifestyles had also pulled Starletto's underwear to the side and licked her vagina and Starletto replies "Yes he did I didn't think he should've or was supposed to."

Hix also posted three videos of herself from her car leaving set describing the experience in detail. She added a video that appears to be recorded on set, after the scene had wrapped, where a man's voice, which Hix alleges is Lifestyles', can be heard as he is being confronted by Hix with what she claims is non-consensual behavior.

Lifestyles disputed the allegations also via Twitter, leading to a discussion with Hix on the social media platform about exactly what had been agreed upon, Lifestyles' behavior during the shoot, and whether he had acknowledged or apologized for the incident when directly confronted by Hix following the scene.

Lifestyles acknowledged the oral contact, the argument that ensued when Hix confronted him after finishing the scene, and his apology for the "miscommunication," but strenuously denies any wrongdoing and appears to claim that Hix implicitly gave consent by agreeing to his last-minute addition to the scene and by putting her buttocks in proximity to his mouth.

Lifestyles also claims that he has BTS footage, which he says he will be releasing on Friday along with the scene, that confirms his account of the events.

Throughout Sunday night and early Monday morning, other performers like Ivy Wolfe, Vanna Bardot, Tana Lea, Donny Sins and Ashley Adams expressed solidarity with Hix via Twitter and alleged they had also experienced similar situations on Lifestyles' sets.

Lifestyles, who runs and advertises on his Twitter account a clip site called "Sleazy Director Private Reserve," pinned the following post to his account during the evening: "Seriously people, have we not learned ANYTHING about popping off on TWITTER and condemning one side without hearing the full story? When is this gonna stop. [R]emember Just Dave? Remember Stills by Alan? U were wrong about them too."

Lifestyles is referring to recent accusations of non-consensual acts on director Just Dave's sets and at director Stills by Alan's home, which both men have denied and claim to have successfully proven inaccurate.

This is a developing story and we will continue updating it as more information becomes available.

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