Levi Karter Doc 'Leave It to Levi' Sets Film Fest World Premiere

Levi Karter Doc 'Leave It to Levi' Sets Film Fest World Premiere

NEW YORK CITY — CockyBoys marquee star Levi Karter is the subject of a new documentary that makes its world premiere next week at the 34th Guadalajara International Film Festival.

The doc, helmed by CockyBoys’ Jake Jaxson, is titled "Leave It to Levi" and tracks “the last six years of award-winning gay porn star Levi’s life as he balances three separate identities: ‘good son,’ ‘porn star’ and ‘sassy drag queen,’” a rep said.

“As thought-provoking as it is sexy, ‘Leave it to Levi’ is told in three acts (‘Luke’, ‘Levi’ and ‘Sassy’) as we follow Levi’s six-year journey from small-town Ohio boy, to stripper, to award-winning international porn star and now, while at the top of the porn biz, he’s decided to do the impossible: embark on a dual career as an up-and-coming Brooklyn-based drag queen: Sassy Frass Meaner.”

The footage is “composed and constructed from over six years of ‘found footage’ from Levi’s and Jake’s phones, laptops, social media and behind-the-scenes content. ‘Leave It to Levi’ takes audiences on an erotic, dreamy and hyper-realistic journey through the personal life of the eponymous porn star as we see him both lose and find himself, struggle with his conflicted and disapproving mother, and make peace with himself as an adult entertainer, all while redefining his idea of a perfect modern family.”

Jaxson was drawn to explore Karter’s psyche through the use of self-produced footage. “It’s been over six years since we first signed Levi as a CockyBoys exclusive and shortly after that he showed me hours and hours of homemade self-shot footage that he had been recording since he was eighteen. Once I started watching these life moments, I was transfixed: I was peeking into the everyday life of this boy growing up in his own personal reality show, well before OnlyFans, Twitter clips and Instagram Stories."

He terms “Leave It to Levi” as an “eroti-doc.”

“Now, six years later, I am both humbled and honored to be able to tell his story, following the journey of Luke the ‘boy,’ Levi the porn star and Sassy, the drag queen, as he both struggles and thrives juggling three separate identities. Like many sex workers, he struggled to find peace with his mother — a single mom who adopted him as a child and works hard to balance her fears and her upset with her son’s chosen profession with her love for him. As an adopted child myself, I was particularly moved to tell this story and it’s my hope the resulting film connects audiences with understanding the humanity behind the sex and why I believe that today, more than ever, porn has purpose.”

Their film is “a highly moving and entertaining look at life through the lens of a young man who refuses to be defined by any stereotypes or preconceived notions about sexuality, or what it means to be gay, or a porn star, for that matter,” the rep said.

"Leave It to Levi" screens March 13-14; click here for details and follow the festival on Twitter.

Following the fest screenings, the doc will debut on CockyBoys.com and hit the festival circuit.

Karter was a 2019 XBIZ Awards nominee for Gay Performer of the Year, while CockyBoys took home several 2019 XBIZ Awards, including Gay Movie of the Year (for "Flea Pit") and Gay Site of the Year.

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