Holiday Products Touts Return of Pheromone Spray Silky Sheets

Holiday Products Touts Return of Pheromone Spray Silky Sheets

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Holiday Products is touting the return of pheromone spray Silky Sheets to its menu of offerings.

"Pheromone-infused Silky Sheets is an enchanting scented powder-based sheet spray that adds a luxurious silky softness to your linens. Using a specially designed aerosol delivery system, fragranced powder is dispersed evenly onto bedding to scent, provide freshness and help absorb moisture. The special, non-staining formula is the only sheet mist that sprays on dry and helps keep things that way,” a rep said.

"Silky Sheets is back! This news has made me and so many of my customers ecstatic,” said Gracie Obadele, senior account manager for Holiday Products. “Silky Sheets has been a staple item in the industry for years now. Not only is it a phenomenal-smelling spray powder, but it also has a hidden secret that only faithful users are privy to: it dries up the wet spots. This great-smelling product also does exactly what the name says; it makes your sheets silky and smooth and is so refreshing."

Chris Armstrong, also a senior account manager for Holiday, notes the customer demand for the product. “We are so happy to have this product back. It has been a staple for so long and the demand is astounding,” he said. “If you weren’t lucky enough to have tried or sold Silky Sheets in years past, don’t miss out this time — you will not be disappointed! Join me in welcoming Silky Sheets, a great old friend, back to its rightful home on the shelves."

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