Fun Factory Celebrates 150 Years of Vibes

Fun Factory Celebrates 150 Years of Vibes

LOS ANGELES — 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the invention of the vibrator, and Fun Factory is celebrating this significant “industrial age” advancement in sexual technology with a look back at the history of vibes.

According to the company, it’s hard to imagine a time without vibrators — a time with no trusty tool at the bedside to make users’ sex life more exciting.

“We’re so grateful that 150 years ago, a doctor invented the first mechanical vibe. Sure, it was steam-powered and needed its own room, but it was a start,” says a company spokesperson, noting that for all of 2019, Fun Factory will celebrate the 150-year anniversary of the vibrator. “To start, we’ve condensed its history, from ‘hysterical paroxysms’ to straight-up orgasms, into a two-minute read that will make you proud (and relieved) to be living in a golden age of vibes.”

“Fun Factory is proud to have made the first rechargeable vibrator, the first silicone-coated vibe, and the first battery-rechargeable hybrid toy,” the spokesperson adds. “We’re delighted to hold a place in the vibrator’s colorful 150-year history.”

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