Twistbox, MrSkin Strike European Celebrity Nudity Distribution Deal

Twistbox, MrSkin Strike European Celebrity Nudity Distribution Deal

LOS ANGELES — Twistbox and MrSkin have joined forces in a distribution deal to bring nude celebrity content to Europe.

According to the company, being an affiliate for celebrity nudity just got better. A whole lot better.

Known for fast-forwarding to the “good parts” since 1999,, the go-to destination online for Hollywood starlets at their barest worked the distribution deal with Twistbox, an adult content distribution and mobile monetization platform.

Twistbox VP of Operations Ler Khodaverdy says fans and affiliates of celebrity nudity can now rejoice —in several languages.

“We’re excited to add another powerful brand to our portfolio,” Khodaverdy explains. “MrSkin will allow us to expand our marketing efforts while tapping into a whole new user base. We’re monetizing with mobile carrier billing and adding a new revenue line for MrSkin, without cannibalizing their core business.”

“Now fans of MrSkin can be monetized on a mobile carrier connection in Portugal and South Africa, with Greece and Czech Republic on the way. Anyone with mobile traffic in those geos should get in touch and learn how we can help them make mobile money,” Khodaverdy adds. “This is exciting news for Twistbox, as it allows us to tap into a whole new user base while promoting an always interesting brand and niche.”

Sam Rakowski, president of MrSkin parent SK Intertainment, says it’s been the company’s mission to expand its celebrity nudity “skinpire” worldwide.

“Twistbox has been a great partner in that regard,” Rakowski reveals. “With their billing partnerships and our amazing content, we are able to offer something truly unique for affiliates in Europe and beyond. I’m excited to bring the MrSkin brand abroad and make it a household name as it is here in the U.S.!”

Affiliates can now experience higher conversions with one- and two-click flows in key markets including South Africa, Portugal, and Greece. To get started, contact your account manager or signup at Twistbox and