ElectraStim Rolling Out the Axis Electro-Sex Device

ElectraStim Rolling Out the Axis Electro-Sex Device

HERTFORDSHIRE, England — ElectraStim is tub-thumping the forthcoming release of its “brand new and highly innovative” electro-sex stimulator, the Axis.

The device is “a high-spec dual output electro-sex stimulator and is the first in the world to incorporate multiple input sensors for truly customisable e-stim experience. Control Axis with the tactile buttons, a flick of your wrist, a wave of your hand, the sound of your voice or even the proximity of your partner’s body,” said a company rep.

“Axis gives you the freedom to control electro-play, your way. The only limit is your imagination.”

The rep notes Axis includes “user-updatable firmware” with additional features to be unlocked in 2019, including a language-selection option. Current features include a “bright and sharp OLED display that provides feedback about the play mode you are using along with battery status, intensity levels and input mode, in a clear and intuitive way. Each pre-programmed wave and pulse pattern has real-time visual feedback, so you can see exactly how the pattern progresses.”

Additionally, “dual isolated outputs can be controlled independently to cater for body parts or players with different sensitivity levels. You’ll be able to connect two bipolar or four unipolar toys at any one time,” said the rep.

Further, “Axis boasts the same output power as our popular SensaVox unit; this time broken down into 50 distinct intensities to provide anything from a mild tingle to a full-on contraction. Experienced electro fans will not only appreciate the level of power but also the smooth and concise delivery of every wave or pulse.”

Seven play modes allow for “a truly immersive experience.” They include Wave, Pulse, Flick, Tilt, Proximity, Microphone and Line In.

When in Gesture mode, “every feature of Axis can be manipulated with a wave of your hand. We have even built-in a ‘Practice Gestures' feature such that you can get the hang of it before trying it for real. The buttons will still work as normal in Gesture mode but gives you the option to avoid touching the unit at all. Perfect if your hands are sticky or busy! As with the Proximity mode, you don’t have to use your hand to operate this mode. Any distinct movement in front of the sensor will work, whether that’s a hand, an arm, a leg or a spanking paddle.”

The Configure menu allows the customer to customize their Axis and includes eight functions. Further, the device “features an environmentally conscious lithium-ion battery that is easily recharged with the supplied USB cable. A battery fuel gauge constantly monitors your use of Axis for an accurate idea of how much power you have left at your current stimulation level. Depending on use, Axis can provide up to eight hours of play from a single charge and will recharge to 80% in under an hour.”

“Unlike other electro devices on the market, the Axis has a regulated output that will provide the same amount of stimulation and will not drop unexpectedly, no matter the battery level. For example, level 10 will always feel the same whether you have 99% or 9% battery remaining.”

The patent-pending device was designed to be usable by those with reduced dexterity and carries a warranty. The packaging includes “a branded storage case that also has a small amount of spare storage space,” adds the rep.

For additional details, contact info@electrastim.com or visit the ElectraStim website and follow their Twitter handle.


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