Cloud Climax Unveils Line of Sex Dolls

Cloud Climax Unveils Line of Sex Dolls

CYBERSPACE — Cloud Climax has announced the debut of its own line of sex dolls, which are now available for shipping.

In addition to carrying the Cloud Climax Doll, the U.K.-based company also ships Pipedream Products, JY and EX Lite dolls, amongst others.

“The girl next door look, with a weight 26.5 kg, has now arrived at Cloud Climax,” Sam of CloudClimax said. “Having spent the last few months designing our exclusive Doll we are now taking orders. It’s a very exciting moment as we enter into our own branded range of dolls.”

According to the company, the doll has a height of 155 cm and a combined weight body and head of 26.5 kg. Its flagship doll, Claire, with have standing feet and shrugging shoulders too, “perfect for photography.” Choice of wigs and eye colors, along with choice of skin tones and shades too, will be available.

The doll has a price tag of £1349.99, including shipping and taxes.

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