Grooby Announces 'Pronouns Initiative' for Staff, Social Media

Grooby Announces 'Pronouns Initiative' for Staff, Social Media

LOS ANGELES – Grooby Productions has unveiled its “pronouns initiative” involving staff, internal and external correspondence and social media handles.

“The practice of asking pronouns is used often in the trans, queer and non-binary community,” a rep said. “Starting today, Grooby producers and staff will have their pronouns (e.g. she/hers/he/his/they/them) listed publicly on all relevant sites, social media profiles and email signatures.”

Grooby chose to save the announcement for International Pronouns Day. “This initiative is something Steven Grooby and I have wanted to enact company-wide for quite some time,” said Kristel Penn, Grooby’s marketing and editorial director. “We thought it appropriate to announce it officially today on International Pronouns Day.”

“As a leader in the trans adult industry, we want to use our visibility and voice for positive change,” Penn said. “The practice of asking, stating and respecting pronouns may be relatively new for some of our fans, so we wanted our staff to set an example to illustrate how it works to those who may be less familiar with it. Some may not see the importance of asking pronouns, but from personal experience, I know how validating it is when someone asks and respects my pronouns out in the world. It is a simple act that we can all do to honor ourselves and those we interact with.”

Visit Grooby online and follow the company on Twitter. Click here for additional details about International Pronouns Day and follow the movement on Twitter.