Presents Post-Apocalyptic Thriller 'Invictus' Presents Post-Apocalyptic Thriller 'Invictus'

BOSTON — has announced the debut of the post-apocalyptic thriller, “Invictus,” directed by Angie Rowntree.

According to the company, over the years, Rowntree has earned a reputation for taking on the subject matter and emotional territory that is unusual to find in a pornographic work. Her latest title, “Invictus,” is yet another example of this tendency.

Calling it her “first overtly political film,” Rowntree says “Invictus” was inspired by what she sees as the most pressing issues facing the world today — including climate change, government corruption and eroding trust in the media.

“I’m not a senator or congresswoman, so I have no vote on who gets to serve on the Supreme Court, or any input on the environmental policies (or any policies) government agencies enact or enforce,” Rowntree says. “As a filmmaker, my movies are my platform — and ‘Invictus’ represents the first time I’ve used that platform to communicate a political message.”

An erotic foray into a dystopian near-future, “Invictus” presents the story of scientist Jane Darling (played by Delirious Hunter), a woman determined to combat the social and environmental decay into which the world has descended.

As she struggles to survive the wasteland that surrounds her and make it to the rendezvous point where she is to meet a former colleague, Ava (Ava Mir-Auszienhen), she encounters Paul Young (Joeydotrawr), a journalist who escaped the government’s crackdown on the independent press and has been hiding out ever since. At first out of curiosity, then later as a devoted convert to her cause, Paul joins Jane on her quest to fight back against the forces which continue to tear the world apart.

 As is the case with many of Rowntree’s movies, the lead roles are played by a married couple (Hunter and Joeydotrawr), contributing to their on-screen chemistry, especially during the film’s sex scenes.

“All three sex scenes are so unique and exquisitely executed that they take my breath away,” Hunter says. “Each scene creates a perfect blend (or ménage à trois if you will!) of cinema, art, and sex.”

While the world depicted in “Invictus” is in dire condition, Rowntree says she hopes the audience finds a reason to maintain hope within it, as well.

“I want people to see the determination and conviction Jane has and consider that if we can come together and unite around common interests like freedom of expression, civil rights and a shared need to prevent global environmental disaster, maybe it’s not too late,” Rowntree reveals. “Maybe we can work together to reverse our decline and establish a more livable, kinder world.”

Released on September 20, 2018, Invictus was shot over the summer of 2017 and features multilingual newscasts delivered by people within the adult industry.

The trailer can be seen here.