Screaming O Adheres to Calif. Prop. 65 Compliance

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O is reassuring its customers that it will continue to adhere to the guidelines set forth by California Proposition 65.

“Screaming O has made product safety, quality, and consumer trust a top priority with our Independent Materials Testing Initiative,” the company said. “Throughout this process, Screaming O products have been tested to be body-safe, and free from harmful chemicals and compounds.”

Prop. 65, instituted in 1986 as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, requires that California release a list of chemicals that have been linked to causing cancer, birth defects, or harm the reproductive system. Currently, the list has more than 900 chemicals and is updated at least once per year. Prop. 65 is intended to help Californians make knowledgeable purchasing decisions, as well as ban any company that does business in California from releasing toxic chemicals into consumer products.

Screaming O says that it will continue to track Prop. 65 standards for new chemicals and communicate any updated information to consumer.

“We have assured our customers, retailers, and distributors that we are committed to comprehensive quality control, while promoting responsible manufacturing and building consumer confidence.”

For any questions, call Screaming O at (310) 446-1632.