CrakRevenue Offers Live MyFreeCams Widget

CrakRevenue Offers Live MyFreeCams Widget

QUÉBEC CITY — CrakRevenue has announced the roll out of the first live cam widget for MyFreeCams, available exclusively for CrakRevenue affiliates.  

According to the company, CrakRevenue’s IT and business intelligence team worked to achieve what many affiliates have been wanting: more ways to promote one of the world’s top cam sites using a powerful algorithm that continuously updates MFC’s top performers based on model popularity, number of viewers, trending top cams and overall conversion rate.

“It is the only live cam widget available for MyFreeCams on the market, but the tool’s true value stands in its unique algorithm that features only the cam models most likely to generate conversions,” says Arnaud Guilon, business manager for cams at CrakRevenue. “There’s no need to update your flow, it’s the perfect funnel.”

There is also an additional auto-detect feature that screens the content of the website where the widget is placed in order to adjust the model feed accordingly.

“MyFreeCams was already our top converting offer at CrakRevenue with more than $30 million paid out in affiliate commissions since the start of our exclusive partnership,” says CrakRevenue VP of Business Development Olivier Bourque. “This tool has already changed the game for our in-house media buying team, increasing our conversion rate like no other campaign we’ve ever seen.”

“We’re eager to watch affiliates go on this same ride,” Bourque adds. “We expect some very positive things.”

Guilon notes affiliates will discover numerous user-friendly customization options for the new widget, enabling it to fit their website or with the spot they have purchased.

“Every configuration is really easy to achieve with this tool — from niche targeting to the number of rows, columns and background color display options, just to name a few,” Guilon adds. “You can even change how the cam performers’ details are displayed in the widget.”

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