ManyVids Welcomes AshleeJuliet, Astro Domina, Angel DeLuca, SofiaRose to MV Loft

ManyVids Welcomes AshleeJuliet, Astro Domina, Angel DeLuca, SofiaRose to MV Loft

LOS ANGELES — ManyVids has announced AshleeJuliet, Astro Domina, Angel DeLuca and SofiaRose as the newest MV Stars to take up residency in the MV Loft.

According to the company, in 2017 ManyVids cut the ribbon at its ultra-glam MV Loft in the heart of Montreal, and invited four MV Stars per week to join in the celebration.

“Our special guests each week spent five days at the 3,500 square foot sanctuary, situated in one of the hippest cities in the world,” says a company spokesperson. “As our MV Stars enjoyed their time in the city, the MV Marketing Team stood by to put the models through our sophisticated MV Promo Machine.”

The spokesperson explains this included professionally shot photoshoots and solo vids, live interviews via the MV Podcast, and additional fun videos that appeared on the MV Pop YouTube channel, with the MV Stars plastered all over social media accounts.

“Over the course of 12 weeks,” the spokesperson adds, “the MV Loft established itself as the ultimate location for MV Stars to let their hair down, relax in luxury and experience the freedom to create the type of quality content that propels them to MV Superstardom.”

The spokesperson notes that 2018 is a year of abundance, so naturally Season Two of the MV Loft Event will be bigger, better and more inclusive than ever, with six weeks scheduled, beginning September 3.

“Within the first four weeks, we will host MV Girls on rotation (four per week), followed by a week featuring four MV Trans models and finally a week showcasing four MV Boys. To top it off, the MV Boys are scheduled to shoot content for our very first issue of MV Mag featuring men,” the spokesperson adds. “While enjoying Montreal nightlife and lots of loft playtime, our models will be actively creating content for their MV Profiles and reveling in the process of becoming MV Famous.”

“As you can imagine, we’re bursting at the seams with excitement here at ManyVids and primed to show our 24 MV Superstars a truly amazing time,” the spokesperson concludes. “Be prepared to witness even more glamor and fanfare than last year [because] our cups in the MV Community runneth over, and we love it!”

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