Charles Dera's ToughLoveX Teams Up With YourPaysitePartner

Charles Dera's ToughLoveX Teams Up With YourPaysitePartner

MONTREAL — Charles Dera, XBIZ Award-winning Best Actor and the man behind the creation of the Karl Toughlove persona, is re-launching with the help of YourPaysitePartner.

According to a rep, Dera, whose resume includes world ranked Jiu Jitsu fighter, professional mainstream male model, Chippendales dancer and Playgirl Man of the Year, originally launched his ToughloveX site in January of this year.

“Karl Toughlove, Charles Dera’s alter ego, is a man who lives for the finer things in life and by finer, I mean hormone driven sluts,” Dera said. “He’s a pussy addict who enjoys conning women into fucking him just as much as actually fucking them. He plays on their emotions in order to become the Daddy their pussy has always yearned for. With every slit, he fills he’s sure to teach a lesson, and he does this through ToughLove”.

A ToughLoveX rep commented, “We're very excited to bring ToughLoveX to the next level with YourPaysitePartner by utilizing their expertise in site development and affiliate marketing resources. We are looking forward to a bright partnership together.”

Kenny B. of YourPaysitePartner added, “This is not your typical re-launch. We are stepping it up to not only offer the current VOD platform, but also a subscription-based model which is something we are excited to implement alongside our custom YPP CMS features.”

Included on the ToughLoveX site will be four niche series; ToughLove, Karl’s World, Father Karl and Dr. Karl. Each will feature Dera as Karl playing out specific fantasies with the women he wants to bang and teach. All will be available in both VOD and Membership subscriptions. Content will be available on DVD and through broadcasting outlets as well

“Charles has proven himself to be not only a great actor, but his storylines are amazing,” Kenny B. continued. “The world of porn has never experienced something quite like the world of Karl Toughlove. It’s gritty, slutty, often funny and wildly entertaining sexual fun. Women will want to fuck him. Men will want to be him. This content appeals to everyone.”

Members will have access to exclusive downloadable and streaming high definition videos, picture sets and behind the scenes content. For more information on promoting, visit or email 

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