Operator Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges Operator Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges

MIAMI — The operator of defunct adult website pleaded guilty today to two counts of illegal interception of oral communications in Miami federal court.

Bryan Deneumostier offered videos on the site of straight men, mostly procured through Craigslist, being conned into accepting sex acts — all while blindfolded or wearing blacked-out goggles, prosecutors said.

Deneumostier cross dressed and pretended to be a woman offering anonymous sex and even reassured apprehensive men that there would be no cameras involved. He was known by the screen name “susanleon33326.”

Today’s guilty plea was part of a deal with prosecutors, who agreed to dismiss three counts of violating 18 U.S.C. § 2257, the record-keeping statute for adult producers.

U.S. District Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga in a 25-minute hearing today scheduled sentencing for Nov. 29. Deneumostier was arrested in July and has been held in custody since then.

StraightBoyz, a $35-a-month membership site that offered an affiliate program, streamed approximately 619 “hook up” videos that depicted sexual activity between Deneumostier and other men.  

Deneumostier admitted that he recorded himself engaging in sex with about 150 men that were featured on his website and that about 80 of those did not know that he was recording them. He told prosecutors that the scenes were shot with either an Apple iPhone or iPad.

During a search of his home, Deneumostier provided about 30 consent forms from men agreeing to have their shoot posted online — far short of the 619 videos posted, according to prosecutors.

The indictment and plea agreement refer to three known victims whose identities are being withheld to protect their privacy. The victims had sex with Deneumostier at his home in Homestead, Fla.

Deneumostier told prosecutors that while he operated the site, he had done so on behalf of a Spain-based outfit, which paid him $3,000 a month.

According to his plea deal, Deneumostier faces up to a maximum 10 years penalty of incarceration and a $500,000 fine.

Prosecutors noted that the probable sentencing range is not binding and that Deneumostier could withdraw his plea if the court rejects the recommended sentence.

The plea deal also requires Deneumostier to cooperate with prosecutors to identify his assets that could be subject to forfeiture to satisfy payment of the imposed fine.

If not a natural-born citizen of the U.S., Deneumostier could also be subject to immigration consequences with the guilty pleas, prosecutors stipulated.

Deneumostier was represented in the case by a federal public defender.

Pictured: Bryan Deneumostier in booking photo