NakedSword Books 'First Time Fucks 3' From CorbinFisher

NakedSword Books 'First Time Fucks 3' From CorbinFisher

CYBERSPACE – NakedSword has booked a new CorbinFisher sex flick, “First Time Fucks Vol. 3,” for streaming on its VOD network.

"It’s never as good as the first time, unless it’s the third installment of ‘First Time Fucks’ from CorbinFisher,” a company rep said. “These sexy collegiate cocksuckers went from fresh new virgin meat to penis perfectionists. Watch as they show off all they’ve learned.”

The featured studs include Aiden, Clint, Gentry, Grayson, Kelso, Meyer, Quinn and Zeb.

"Who can forget their first time? Clint, Gentry, Grayson and Kelso certainly can’t,” notes the promo text. “They were all new to the idea of fucking another stud, but they took a shine to it immediately with the helping hands, and mouths, and asses, of some of our most talented veterans. All four of them start as novices, but end this collection satisfied and eager for more.”

Click here for scene-by-scene breakdowns, trailers and VOD details.

The first two installments of “First Time Fucks” from CorbinFisher are also available for streaming on NakedSword. In related news, NakedSword has recently booked “CF Crush: Trevor” from the studio (click here for details).

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