NakedSword Books CorbinFisher Fantasy 'CF Crush: Trevor'

NakedSword Books CorbinFisher Fantasy 'CF Crush: Trevor'

CYBERSPACE — NakedSword has booked “CF Crush: Trevor” for immediate streaming on its VOD network.

“It’s been awhile since we had a crush,” notes an affiliate rep. “A CorbinFisher crush, that is. The studio with some of the most gorgeous men in the industry is hitting NakedSword today with a new update. Now that is hot.”

The title star is “the whole package,” a studio rep says. Trevor is “tall, lean, cut, brilliantly handsome, has a big dick, an awesome ass and steals the show in almost every scene and video he’s in, which makes him one of our most talented and popular models.”

“On top of that, he’s one of the sweetest and nicest guys you’ll ever meet — a real all-rounder.”

“CF Crush: Trevor” collects “his first oral encounter” with fellow CorbinFisher stud Ryan. He also bangs stablemates Brent and Trevor and flip-fucks with Cade.

The showcase allows Trevor to “show off his amazing body (and) consummate talents in the bedroom. We’re sure you’ll love being along for the ride.”

Click here for scene-by-scene previews of the sex flick.

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