Studio 20 Wins 2018 XBIZ Europa Award for Best Cam Studio

LOS ANGELES — The glamorous XBIZ Europa Awards recently held in Berlin brought the international live cam franchise network Studio 20 the title of Cam Studio of the Year.

According to the company, known for being the biggest and most professional cam studio in the world over the last 18 years, dedicates this award to the successful #girlsfromstudio20.

“We’re very happy and proud that we’re valued in the industry as we’re working continuously at improving ourselves day by day,” Studio 20 CEO Mugur Frunzetti said. “We believe that our models and staff are what made us who we are today, and we couldn’t have done it without them. They decided to join us and stay with us and be part of our dream for which we’re grateful.”

The second big award for the night, Best Cam Model of the Year, was won by Megan Kroft, one of the #girlsfromstudio20, who, throughout her three years of working with Studio 20, has proven to be one of the most ambitious and successful cam models in the industry.

“We couldn’t be such a successful company without the #girlsfromstudio20. The girls work together with us and are very determined and ambitious. The secret is simple: respect everybody’s work and value yours,” Studio 20’s Andra Chirnogeanu added. “We see the girls as equals and we treat them as they deserve to be treated, like the women they are. Empowering women has become our goal through the years and we don’t plan to stop doing it. Megan Kroft is an example of how if you value a person and care for it, that person will grow.”

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