Rock Candy Introduces Holiday-Themed, Candy-Inspired Sex Toys

Rock Candy Introduces Holiday-Themed, Candy-Inspired Sex Toys

LOS ANGELES — Candy is an instrumental part of every holiday, and Rock Candy Toys has seized the opportunity for adult retailers to offer color-coordinated, holiday-themed sex toys just in time for the industry’s biggest season.

The latest release from Rock Candy includes a festive peppermint stick design for its flagship Candy Stick vibrator and special-edition holiday versions of the Mega Mini bullets for Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah and Valentine’s Day.

“The holidays are the ideal opportunity for fun add-on sales and stocking stuffers. Combining candy and holiday festivities will undoubtedly boost sales for retailers”, said Keith Caggiano, Rock Candy Toys’ president. “The Rock Candy line is about the impulsive power of candy and this holiday season, customers can treat themselves to guilt-free, zero-calorie pleasure.”

Caggiano said each individually wrapped Mega Mini vibrator reflects the candy-inspired impulse purchase aesthetic that Rock Candy developed specifically for mass consumer appeal. The bullets are included in the Candy Shoppe, a dynamic tube dispenser-style display that showcases the additional fun-sized toys in the collection.

“We took a very intentional approach to our product and packaging innovation,” a company rep said. “The addition of an established, best-selling bullet vibrator, presented in a distinct and approachable fashion ensures an effortless sell for retailers, and a memorable experience for consumers.”

The original Mega Mini Bullet collection is available in Bubblegum Pink, Blueberry Blue, Cinnamon Red and Jelly Bean Purple. Holiday editions feature two colors per holiday, for a total of eight festive styles to choose from.

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