JustFor.Fans Announces $1M Payout

JustFor.Fans Announces $1M Payout

CYBERSPACE — Just shy of its seven-month anniversary this week, self-publishing platform JustFor.Fans has announced it has paid out one million dollars to models, affiliates, studios, agents and others in the adult industry.

"JustFor.Fans is the only self-publishing site to include ways for the entire industry to make money,” a rep said. “In addition to providing models with recurring incomes, the company has included the rest of the industry in its platform.”

Agents may sign up models on their exclusive roster and earn a percentage; studios can do likewise, as well as establish a Studio Page that lists all of their affiliated models, in addition to other potential revenue streams.

"Affiliates make money on every sale that results from their traffic,” the rep said. “They make money not only on a sale for a specific model they directed traffic to, but any purchase that consumer makes. As most consumers subscribe to multiple models, this can add up very quickly.”

Available content on the site includes adult material as well as racier fare that would not be allowed on such sites as YouTube, including “naked painters, naked chefs, sex education and other topics censored from mainstream video sites.”

Dominic Ford, creator of JustFor.Fans, expressed excitement at providing potential for every corner of adult entertainment to generate income. “I have been in the adult industry for ten years and it is very exciting to provide a platform that every part of the industry can profit from,” he said.

"Our growth has been explosive. We paid out $500,000 after only five months, and we have now paid out $1 million just two months later.”

"I am grateful to the models, agents, studios and affiliates who have embraced our platform. I am also grateful (for) over 100,000 subscribers who like our platform and are making it the fastest-growing fansite.”

He notes JustFor.Fans current counts over 2000 verified models, reprenting 64 countries, including male, female and transgender performers.

In related news, JustFor.Fans and PornGuardian have announced they will partner on anti-piracy efforts on the self-publishing platform for adult performers (click here).

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