Joy-Toilet's Titcoin Division Acquired by Tittiecoin

Joy-Toilet's Titcoin Division Acquired by Tittiecoin

NEW YORK — Joy-Toilet has announced the sale of its adult cryptocurrency division, Titcoin, for an undisclosed amount.

Titcoin was acquired by Joy-Toilet in May 2017 in order to boost its growing portfolio of adult brands and enter the cryptocurrency space with an established name.

Joy-Toilet representatives had initially sought to delay such an outcome in favor of securing additional financing required for the ongoing maintenance of the project. But the company fell short of internal milestones set at the beginning of the year.

Titcoin investors will be given the option to swap their coins for Tittiecoin, with future plans including the utilization of the technology underpinning both properties to develop new solutions for quick and anonymous transactions.

Joy-Toilet is the humor and adult games division of Outhouz Inc.