PureTaboo.com Releases 'Uncle Charming'

PureTaboo.com Releases 'Uncle Charming'

MONTREAL — PureTaboo.com has announced the release of "Uncle Charming," which is now available.

Starring Emily Willis in her model debut for the site, the plot centers on her family welcoming a new member to stay at the house — Blake (Logan Pierce) — soon after her grandfather’s new marriage. The 18-year-old finds herself captivated by her new uncle, much to the chagrin of her parents (Marcus London and Chanel Preston, in non-sex roles).

“You’ve never had a boyfriend or anything?” inquires Uncle Blake. “I’ve never even kissed a boy,” admits Emily. He leaps on the opportunity to take advantage of his new niece’s naiveté: “Well, if you wanted to, I could teach you … but I’m afraid that anything I say to you, you might just turn around and blab to your mom.”

Directed by Craven Moorehead with a script from 3X West, Uncle Charming “checks off all the boxes of a parent’s worst fear" according to producer Bree Mills, Gamma Films’ head of production. “A young man in the house, a teenage daughter, hormones and curiosity … you just might be asking for trouble!” she added.

The trailer and full movie are available at Puretaboo.com. To find out more about Willis, visit her official cast page on PureTaboo.com.