Sheri's Ranch Brothel Trying Out Automated Sex-Tape Room

Sheri's Ranch Brothel Trying Out Automated Sex-Tape Room

PAHRUMP, Nev. — Sheri’s Ranch will soon offer a unique erotic video experience where customers can collaborate with sex workers to create their own sex tapes.

The legal brothel, about an hour and a half from Las Vegas, has built an automated production studio where clients and sex workers use voice-operated smart home technology to create multiangle pornographic videos that the customer then owns and takes home.    

The studio, set to debut Saturday, Sept. 1, is equipped with four cameras capable of achieving a variety of angles, including a top angle ceiling camera, all linked to an Amazon Echo device activated by voice commands given to the Alexa virtual assistant.

A computer randomly chooses what camera angles to use so that a fully-edited finished video, in the form of a media file on an SD card, is available shortly after the steamy session concludes.

“It’s our most innovative offering yet,” said Dena, the brothel’s madam. “No film crew, no post production, just the client and his courtesan-of-choice directing and starring in their very own sex tape.”

As for the cost for booking a session in the sex-tape room, Dena said that prices will vary depending on each individual sex worker’s rates.

“All of the ladies are independent contractors, so the cost for creating a sex tape will vary depending on what each individual courtesan chooses to charge for the service,” Dena said.