AdAge Examines Greg Lansky's Marketing Mastery

AdAge Examines Greg Lansky's Marketing Mastery

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Greg Lansky — the chief creative officer and CEO of the Vixen, Tushy, Blacked and Blacked Raw brands — was featured in a just-published AdAge interview titled, “Kanye West’s Favorite Pornographer Is a Master of SFW Marketing.”

Lansky was the beneficiary of West’s appearance last week on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" where West was asked if his attitudes toward women have changed after becoming a father. West admitted to Kimmel that he still watches porn online. "Blacked is my favorite," he said.

Lansky last week set about to tweet to West that he could have a lifetime supply of porn. West hasn't officially responded, except with a retweet of Lansky's offer to his 28 million followers.

That, apparently, got AdAge’s attention about the adult director and producer’s marketing achievements.

“If his competitors were critical before, it's hard to find someone in the industry now willing to question his marketing tactics,” AdAge said.

Pete Housley, the CEO of adult PR firm Naughty Business, told AdAge that Lansky is breaking the mold of an industry "that still thinks pop-unders and spam works."

Lansky is unique, Housley said, "because he started with a real plan and stayed true to that plan."

With the piece, AdAge took a step back and looked at the social media numbers in the adult entertainment scheme of things.

“At least by the numbers, Lansky isn't winning the Instagram popularity contest,” AdAge said. “Even after the Kanye West call-out, the Blacked Instagram has only 963,000 followers, the biggest of Lansky's brands. (Vixen and Tushy have a few hundred thousand less.)

“The industry leaders still have a sizable lead; Brazzers and Bang Bros have 4.8 million and 3.8 million followers, respectively. But Lansky still feels like he's in the lead. In his mind, he's the David to their Goliath.”

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