ManyVids Sponsors Brooke Candy's 'My Sex' Music Video

ManyVids Sponsors Brooke Candy's 'My Sex' Music Video

LOS ANGELES — ManyVids today revealed that it has sponsored Brooke Candy's latest music video, “My Sex.”

Directed by Swedish artist Josefin Jonsson, aka Pastelae, with creative direction from Candy, the video unapologetically dives into sex culture, featuring a gritty assortment of animated 3D tatted cyborgs dripping from start to finish.

“Working with Brooke Candy is truly a dream come true for me, her creativity is nothing short of spectacular,” said Bella French, CEO and co-founder of ManyVids. "Welcoming her into our platform is an important step towards solidifying ManyVids vision to create a safe place for sexually empowered artists to thrive independently.”

ManyVids is one of the fastest-growing adult communities in the world with more than 1.9 million active members and 19,000 independent content creators on its e-commerce platform producing, promoting and distributing their content via video-hosting and live-streaming services.

The site involves itself in philanthropic initiatives designed to transform the adult industry and offer a platform where adult workers can thrive independently, fighting for gender equality and speaking out against violence and abuse perpetrated against performers, a publicist said.

Candy, an ManyVids celebrity, came onto the music scene with her 2012 banger, “Das Me,” a fierce feminist manifesto.

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