New Cinema Lighting System Debuts at Open House on Monday

New Cinema Lighting System Debuts at Open House on Monday

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A new lighting system called Anthem One is set to debut at an open house on Monday at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood.

All members of the cinema tech industry, including the adult movie and camming industry, are invited to drop by the mainstream showcase to witness ongoing demonstrations anytime between noon and 8 p.m. to discover the best, most affordable new cinema light on the market.

"The range of lighting possibilities are wonderful with Anthem One for Hollywood movies, TV shows, feature adult movies, gonzo movies and those doing cam shows," said Will Ryder, the XBIZ Award-winning director and co-owner of Anthem One.

"I'm very excited to attend the showcase demonstrations that will be taking place so come on by because this is the answer to your lighting needs," said Ryder, who was one of the company’s original investors when early design plans were just being drafted.

His friend, fellow screenwriter Carl Gottlieb who has penned such Hollywood movie classics such as “The Jerk,” “Dr. Detroit” and “Jaws” has been an early believer in the project and will be on hand at the open house. 

"Carl was the guy that brought me into Anthem One before we even had a name for it and I'm very proud to be a part of this because this light is truly trend-setting, affordable and very needed," Ryder said.

Justin Evans, the inventor and chief design engineer of Anthem One, said: "I promise you will be blown away at the high quality, affordability, the ease of portability and how perfect this light is.”

Five years of research and development went into this lighting system that uses replaceable light cards for various color temperatures ensuring the perfect light for every cinematic scenario. Nothing on the market can touch the price or match the range of lighting power Anthem One provides and at just over six pounds, this light can go anywhere, Ryder said. 

A recent showcase at B&H in New York caused quite a stir as skeptics didn't believe such a light could exist but those in attendance were turned into believers once they saw the results and B&H will be the first retail outlet to carry Anthem One, he noted.

Ryder said that a growing list of attachments are being added to the Anthem One family such as a powerful long-lasting lithium-ion battery making it easy to take this light into the most remote and hostile conditions. Anthem One can be twice as bright as an HMI with no hot spots or blue fringe. Flicker free at any frame rate. 0-100 percent dimmer without shifting color temperature.

At Monday’s open house, directors, producers, and lighting techs are expected to drop by the casual open house throughout the day, he said. Professionals from the adult movie industry as well as cam producers and cam models that are looking for the ultimate light for their movies and cam shows are welcome to watch a demonstration. Refreshments also will be served.   

Check out a YouTube video on Anthem One here

The open house, scheduled for Monday, Aug. 20, will be held at Quixote Studios, located at 1011 N. Fuller Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90046. Gate #2. Plenty of parking is available and refreshments will be served.