Wesley Woods Discusses West Hollywood Attack in Video

Wesley Woods Discusses West Hollywood Attack in Video

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Gay porn star Wesley Woods explained in a video posted on Instagram and Twitter that he and a friend were "brutally attacked" on the streets of West Hollywood Wednesday evening.

Visually suffering from a cut lip and bruised nose, Woods said the attack by “three straight, white, hetero men” was unprovoked and that people should be vigilant, even in places they think they're safe, including West Hollywood where the LGBTQ community is strong and powerful.

"I’m not posting this video for sympathy, I’m posting this video for awareness," Woods said in the Instagram video. "You’re not always safe in the places where you think you are. Always have someone next to you. Always be aware of your surroundings. And be prepared to fight for your life.

“I’m not saying that that is a first means and is always necessary,” Woods added, “but in some cases it is.”

In conclusion, Woods said, “I wish you love. I wish you happiness. And I hope that if you guys see me out this weekend, bearing my scars, that you’ll say hello.”

Woods, also a cam star and stand-up comedian, jumped into gay erotic filmmaking in 2016.  

Woods has shot for the top-tier gay adult brands Men.com, NakedSword, Next Door Entertainment, CockyBoys, HotHouse, BadPuppy and Kink.com, among numerous others. He has about 100 adult scene credits to his name.

Savvy on social media and considered to many a “fan favorite,” Woods has 41,000 Instagram and 48,000 Twitter followers and uses the tagline "your friendly neighborhood hoe" while serving up advice on sex.