Grooby Streets Buddy Wood-Directed 'TC 3'

Grooby Streets Buddy Wood-Directed 'TC 3'

LOS ANGELES — Grooby has announced the release of "TC 3: Cock, Tails & Whore Moans," which is now available.

Directed by Buddy Wood, the new Grooby Platinum title is available for purchase at

“The original 'Tranny Chaser' DVDs were instant classics starring some of the hottest trans models of those years with a hilarious storyline which paid homage to the John Holmes or Ron Jeremy movies of the 1970s and 1980s,” Steven Grooby said.

“It's taken so many years for our Grooby auteur, Buddy Wood, to come out with the final chapter of his trilogy that we didn't think it was going to happen!" he added. "Again, starring some of the hottest trans models of the past few years and with Solider Boi in the title role, Buddy has produced a movie that is so different from much of the mediocrity we see today. If you want a story-based trans tale with some of the best action, you're not going to get better.”

Wood said, “Domino Presley and I hang out at a bar all the time that we both really wanted to use in a movie and my good friend has a purple Cadillac that absolutely needed to be in a porno. So there’s really no other movie you could possibly make with a bar and a purple Cadillac other than ‘TC3: Cock, Tails & Whore Moans.’ It just happened. Completing a perfect ‘chasing’ trilogy. Honestly, I just really wanted a ‘chaser’ trilogy!”

"TC3: Cock, Tails & Whore Moans" stars award-winning performer Domino Presley, Annabelle Lane, Tyra Alice, Nikki Vicious and Soldier Boi as “The Chaser.”