SNR Productions Debuts Mega.Fans Platform

SNR Productions Debuts Mega.Fans Platform

LAS VEGAS — SNR Productions has announced the soft launch of its subscription-based fan club website, Mega.Fans.

“We’re very excited to offer female social media influencers a competitive alternative to the limited options in starting a fan club subscription service,” SNR Productions’ President Steve Ranieri explains. “We feel we offer superior features and a better user experience while providing a higher percentage to the content creator.”

Ranieri says Mega.Fans is a one-stop-shop for any content creator wanting to monetize their following.

The new platform allows social media influencers to create a monthly fan club subscription service, sell individual content sets, sell tangible or intangible goods in the store, sell Snapchat subscriptions, receive tips, or broadcast live and sell recorded broadcasts to capitalize off of their social media popularity.

Mega.Fans is currently offering new content creators a promotional rate for joining before the hard launch of the website.

“Rather than use a bio link on your social media profile for something that doesn’t make money, why not provide your fans with the content they’re looking for and monetize it?” Ranieri asks, adding, “We’re currently offering our highest rate ever to new influencers looking to start a fan club with us as a ‘thank you’ for being one of our core influencers.”

For more information, to become a content creator for Mega.Fans, click here.