Olive Glass Touts Revealing New Interview, Twistys Vignette

Olive Glass Touts Revealing New Interview, Twistys Vignette

LOS ANGELES — Olive Glass is touting an in-depth interview with AdultDVDTalk and a new vignette for Twistys.

In the interview with Captain Jack, Glass reveals that she ran away to “join a metal band” as a teenager. She also talks about how she explored her sexuality with her boyfriend.

“Despite starting a modeling career in her teens,” a rep said, “Olive was a shy individual who really didn’t find herself until her twenties.”

“While Olive enjoyed her time as a mainstream model, she still craved something more. Once she made the decision to enter the adult industry, there was no looking back.”

The rep said her “down-to-earth attitude, intelligence and pleasant demeanor once again shines through in this interview.”

Glass is also promoting “Lipstick Lesbians,” a new vignette for Twistys. Her costar is Luna Lain.

The ladies test the wear of a new lipstick; Glass wants to know if it’s kiss-proof.

“She tests it by gently kissing Luna on the neck; to be extra-sure, Luna tests the lipstick by kissing Olive. The two girls retreat to the bedroom, where the two girls take turns making each other burst with pleasure.”

Find a preview for her Twistys vignette online here.

Listen to Glass’s entire AdultDVDTalk interview here.

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