Adult Crypto Startup Opens Pre-Sale

Adult Crypto Startup Opens Pre-Sale

LOS ANGELES — Adult cryptocurrency startup has announced the opening of the first round of its public token pre-sale.

Whitelisting for token backers opened July 10, with the token pre-sale beginning on July 20, bringing to market two percent of the total number of tokens, reserved for the pre-sale.

According to the company, decentralized systems such as Blockchain are already disrupting many industries and the sex work industry won’t be an exception.

“ is an Estonian startup currently working on a distributed escorting and due diligence platform open to third-party providers,” a company spokesperson explains. “The value proposition is to create a platform and to provide incentives for sex workers around the globe for safe execution of their profession.”

The spokesperson says’s solution offers anonymized but verifiable KYC compliance, professional health certification and proof of consent stored on the Blockchain.

“Other features include for example a prevention of time-wasting or abusive clients by using security deposits, flexible fee schedules and age verification,” the spokesperson adds, noting, “[the] decentralized nature of the platform makes it resistant against harmful regulations such as FOSTA/SESTA.”

The company reports a rise in new registrations in anticipation of the pre-sale and according to its roadmap, plans the main token crowdsale for Q1 2019, with a nominal token value of one HUS equaling 36¢, with pre-sale token backers receiving an additional 35 percent bonus.

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