New Book Surveys Women Who Prefer All-Male Erotica

New Book Surveys Women Who Prefer All-Male Erotica

CYBERSPACE — A newly published book by Dr. Lucy Neville explores the phenomenon of women who prefer watching all-male pornography and erotica.

“Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys: Women and Gay Male Pornography and Erotica” (Palgrave McMillan) is the culmination of a five-year study, notes an article in GayStarNews.

Through social media, Neville recruited and surveyed 500 women who consume all-male pornography. The results were published in her book.

Neville is a Criminology Lecturer at University of Leicester and co-founder of FemGenSex Network.

Her research found that “women like to appreciate male grace and beauty.” Further, she uncovered a desire by the respondents to “flip the ‘male gaze’” prevalent in “both porn and mainstream media.”

Neville learned that 55 percent of the women surveyed “imagined themselves as a man during the course of their sexual fantasies.”

She describes women as “viable secondary consumers of [all-male] erotica.”

“While some meet the existence of women enjoying [all-male] sexually explicit media with surprise, there is growing acceptance that it is perhaps not quite as uncommon as first thought.”

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In related news, research from Pornhub has identified increasing numbers of women who skip straight porn ­— girl/boy, girl/girl — in favor of all-male adult content.

It is the most-watched Pornhub category for women over 45.

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