Cloud Climax Starts Shipping New Transgender Doll

Cloud Climax Starts Shipping New Transgender Doll

LONDON — DS Doll Technology says that it has built a new factory in order to facilitate manufacturing of the new Ex-Lite doll, which is shipping in a few weeks from Cloud Climax.

“Kayla” dolls are being built in China with a strong plastic skeleton under the Ex-Doll and Ex-Lite (Western markets) brands, Cloud Climax said.

“As it stands Ex-Lite will only be available in the Kayla style and with the one type of body, which is around 163 cm tall,” a Cloud Climax spokesperson said. “She will weigh 8 kg. The removable limbs mean someone with very little storage space can have a full-size doll."

The material used is polyurethane foam and there is no skin layer. The polyurethane foam is the skin.

“The skeleton is made from POM and is very strong and durable,” the spokesperson said. “The Ex-Lite has been developed now to support the silicone phallus, with a choice of erect or relaxed penis.”

Cloud Climax is the U.K. and E.U. flagship reseller for DS Dolls.

Sam, the marketing manager at Cloud Climax, said: “The development of the Ex-Lite is due to the demand and many requests for trans gender dolls at affordable prices. The Ex-Lite has been extremely popular since 2016, and we are very excited about the new transgender doll.”

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