Romanian Studios Unite to Form Trade Group

Romanian Studios Unite to Form Trade Group

LOS ANGELES — A group of top Romanian cam studios have joined together to form a new trade group,

According to the group, is a professional group of cam studios that have proved themselves in the streaming business and cam model management.

“Although the cam industry has been around for years, the professional cam studio business is quite new and without any clear rules or guidance. Every studio has made up their own [rules] and sometimes that led to unfair recruitment processes, marketing and unfair or maybe even illegal conduct,” a group spokesperson explains. “Webcamming is proposing a fair game with clear rules for the studios and models that are a part of the project, and by that, ‘cleaning’ the industry’s name and image.”

Originally founded by seven studios, Webcamming was joined last week by Studio 20, ACM Studio and Kendra Studio, so now it comprises 10 companies, 30 locations, and more than 600 cam models, leveraging their combined power and knowledge to deliver top quality to cam platforms and their members.

“‘Power in diversity’ is the group’s motto, meaning that even though each studio has a different way of conducting business, they’ve gathered together being driven by the same goal and by understanding that only together they can be powerful,” the spokesperson adds. “In that way, we can guarantee the power, experience, and dedication of many.”

“The group is not meant to be the ‘bullies’ or the ‘cool kids’ from cam high school, but teachers and students in the same time,” Studio 20 CEO Mugur Frunzetti says. “There are things that we can teach each other and that we can learn from each other so we’re open to new studios and models joining our group.”

Frunzetti notes that Studio 20 has a strict business etiquette code that’s very thoroughly expressed on its platform.

“We’re raising the bar, setting trends and working together. The goal, by having clean and clear rules, by having everyone working together and not against each other, is to have happy models, high earnings, and a strong united voice,” Frunzetti adds. “This is bringing #wesucceedtogether to the next level.”

“We are ready to provide extensive training and coaching to our support teams, to our models, and to our management, combining experience from all 10 companies into added value for all of us,” Alexandru Gheorghe, the founder of NightProwl Studio and AW Summit, explains. “We are ready to help each other with knowledge and advice, but also to stand together and act as one in our business partnerships.”

“Any studio has strong points and weak points. Together we can grow the strong points and eliminate the weak points,” SmartChat Studio CEO Razvan Vasilescu says. “The level of quality in cam business is growing and together as a team we can raise the bar and innovate while keeping also a fairness in relationships with partners and competitors alike.”

“I’m sure Webcamming will bring prosperity and added value to the members of our group and to our partners as well,” Kendra Studio CEO Fabian Dumitru adds. “Through information sharing, combined know-how and added experience, Webcamming is sure to become beneficial to streaming sites, models, managers and other people in the industry.”

“The chat business needs strong and ethical cornerstones, professional management and development guides and, most important, respect and fairness for models and staff,” Dumitru concludes. “Webcamming started with these values and ideas in mind and will undoubtedly succeed in making them a standard across the industry.”

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