Kristen Bjorn's 'Casting Couch' Celebrates Sex Buddies

CYBERSPACE — Performers Gianni Maggio and Alexander Mathews take a turn on director Kristen Bjorn’s venerable “Casting Couch” web series.

“Love a good fuck buddy,” says a studio rep about the latest vignette, Episode No. 387.

“While out for a run, Maggio runs into Mathews, an old fuck friend,” notes the rep. “Since Maggio is already half-naked, it is only customary for the guest to join his host.”

“As Maggio is having a feel of Mathews’ hot ass, and his hand struggles to wrap around that massive cock, he remembers why he always enjoyed his encounters with Mathews.”

“As the guys kiss, they wonder, ‘How long do I have to wait for this again?’”

“Casting Couch, Episode 387” is streaming now at

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