Reality Lovers Says 'Wake Up' With Julia Parker

Reality Lovers Says 'Wake Up' With Julia Parker

LOS ANGELES — Reality Lovers has announced the release of its newest virtual reality title, “Wake Up,” with Julia Parker.

According to the studio, among our many bodily functions, the hypothalamus is responsible for men’s sex drive.

“When it comes to male sexual life, the early morning quickie has become a protracted subject of early morning teasing among men in workplaces across the globe [and] there might be a science-driven explanation for this,” says a studio spokesperson. “University of Modena scientists have confirmed what we suspected all along — that early morning, between approximately 6-9 a.m., is when a man’s testosterone is at boasting levels.”

Reality Lovers’ latest release, “Wake Up,” only serves to underscore this point.

“It depicts the main protagonist, Julia Parker, sound asleep in bed, dreaming away. She is gingerly awakened by her partner who is eager to pleasure her — and let’s be honest here, possibly release some of the testosterone build-up,” the spokesperson adds. “She returns the favor and the couple ends up making passionate love.”

The spokesperson notes this simple storyline is repeated across hundreds of millions of bedrooms each morning across the world and operates on the premise that the male is the initiator of early morning sex, which seems to be the prevailing case.

“Interestingly, there is not much evidence out there as to what the female preference is when it comes to early morning hanky-panky,” the spokesperson concludes. “In any case, there is no snoozing this wake-up call as the oft-repeated ritual is well underway and you are invited for the ride.”

The new scene is available here.