ExoClick Adds CPM for In-Stream Video Ads

ExoClick Adds CPM for In-Stream Video Ads

BARCELONA — ExoClick has announced the introduction of CPM payments for its popular in-stream video ad format, allowing advertisers to bid on CPM and Smart CPM in addition to CPV and CPC.

For advertisers who need clarification of each payment model, ExoClick offers several tips for maximizing its in-stream video ad format:

CPM (cost per mille) is suitable for all campaigns with a high CTR and view rate, giving the advertiser more bidding control over the final eCPM and is recommended for securing first impressions and staying ahead of the competition. Additionally, advertisers can buy in-stream on Smart CPM, allowing optimization of their bids on a second bid auction. Advertisers can contact their account manager to book traffic on a flat fee deal with the CPM model.

CPV (cost per view) is suitable for campaigns having a very high CTR but a low to mid view rate. Here the advertiser sets the CPV between 0.001 and 0.10 cents, with the video view triggered when 10 seconds of the video ad has been displayed to a user at normal speed. When a campaign is set on CPV the advertiser is not charged for clicks, or for video impressions that are less than 10 seconds in duration.

CPC (cost per click) is suitable for campaigns having a very high view rate but a low to mid CTR. The advertiser is charged when the visitor clicks on the in-stream video ad. The format is available on pre-, mid- and post-video ads.

Currently ExoClick has 665 websites in its network using in-stream video ad zones, including some of adult’s biggest tube sites exclusive to ExoClick, including Bubbaporn, Perfectgirls and PornTube.

The company recently released network stats regarding the in-stream video format for Q1 this year, such as 44 percent of in-stream impressions are served on desktop, 46 percent on mobile and 10 percent on tablets. Interestingly, 75 percent of tablet impressions were on iPad, with tablets being used mainly to watch video content, indicating advertisers are targeting what are considered to be the more affluent Apple users. On the smartphone side, iPhone impressions showed 48 percent of mobile impressions for in-stream with 52 percent on Android.

On ExoClick’s network, games are the leading vertical for this ad format, at 37.5 percent, followed by cams at 27.5 percent, VOD and membership sites 19.5 percent and dating at 15.5 percent.

“ExoClick was the first ad network to introduce the in-stream video format to the adult industry back in May 2017 and we have seen rapid growth for this format,” says ExoClick CEO and founder Benjamin Fonzé. “We have really opened up the whole industry to the video advertising concept.”

“95 percent of content in adult is video so it makes perfect sense for advertisers to take advantage of this format by producing their own video ads,” Fonzé explains. “Video ads offer a huge advantage for advertisers to tell their story and engage users in order to drive clicks to their offers.”

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