APAC Launches Peer Mentorship Program

APAC Launches Peer Mentorship Program

LOS ANGELES — The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) has announced the launch of its Peer-to-Peer (PTP) Mentorship Program, which aims to provide adult performers with strong, professional one-on-one mentoring relationships that empower them throughout their careers.

“APAC recognizes that there is a wealth of knowledge in the performer community and the mentorship program was developed to be a medium through which that knowledge can be exchanged between experienced and new performers,” says APAC President Mia Little. “The APAC Peer-to-Peer (PTP) Mentorship Program was launched to provide new performers with mentors to support navigating the industry.” 

“This program is designed to provide new performers with supportive one-on-one mentor relationships that will help them throughout their careers,” adds Riley Reyes, APAC VP, and PTP Mentorship Program founder. “Many of us have benefitted from the advice and support of our more experienced peers. The APAC PTP program allows new performers to have access to that kind of peer-driven education.”

“I know that much of what I learned about this business definitely came from my fellow workers. From how to prepare for your first anal scene, to navigating the stigma that comes with this work,” explains APAC Secretary Siouxsie Q. “My colleagues have been able to teach me what no sex ed class or book ever could, and I’m so happy that APAC is building a program to formalize one of the many ways that sex workers have helped each other survive for centuries.”

“It’s impossible to overstate the value on the benefits of experiential knowledge, especially in our business,” Reyes adds. “The adult industry has unique challenges and hurdles, as well as facing immense stigma from the outside world. Only someone who has walked in your shoes is truly qualified to give you advice. Many people have informal mentorship relationships, but APAC seeks to create a group of trained mentors who are better-prepared to provide mentees with the resources and help that will set them up for success.”

Michael Vegas, a performer and APAC PTP Mentorship Program mentor notes, “I wish I had someone who could have dispensed sound advice to me that I could call on when I was in uncharted waters in the adult industry.”

Mentee applications will be accepted from now until June 15 and can be submitted through the APAC website. Additionally, those interested in becoming a mentor can apply through the site. Peer mentors must have at least two years of experience in the adult industry, follow a Code of Conduct as outlined in the APAC PTP Guidebook, and complete a two-hour in-person training. Mentor training will include information on the model bill of rights, the PTP Code of Conduct, APAC support resources, and non-violent communication methods.

APAC will host a BBQ on July 1 as the first opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet in a casual setting as part of APAC’s larger community-building event. The location and time will be sent directly to those participating.

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