XTube Joins Fight For LGBT Equality at N.Y. Gay Pride

XTube Joins Fight For LGBT Equality at N.Y. Gay Pride

NEW YORK — On June 24, New York will again host its infamous Gay Pride Parade — an extravagant celebration of equality designed to inspire, educate and commemorate the world’s diverse community — and XTube will be there.

According to the company, more than 40,000 marchers and 100 colorful floats are expected to make their way down a parade route that will pass by the historic Stonewall Inn. Among these will be the popular LGBTQ adult entertainment site XTube, joining the fight for LGBTQ equality, normalization of gay sex and improved LGBTQ sex education.

“Due to the undeniable lacking in sufficient LGBTQ sex education across the globe, many young adults are struggling with their sexuality and find that the only path to the answers they need is porn,” an XTube spokesperson says. “Taking to the internet, there seems to be little help available elsewhere. Meanwhile, gay sex continues to be somewhat of a taboo, with LGBT porn often being viewed as a fetish, stigmatizing the industry further.”

To show its support, XTube will be arriving with their own flamboyant float, press, influencers, and 200 of their own marchers in tow.

“Chantelle Connelly — previously of Geordie Shore — will be joining XTube in [its] fight for equality whilst Vas J Morgan, who has graced our screens on TOWIE, will be embracing their message also,” the spokesperson adds. “Vas is gay himself and has experienced horrendous discrimination for this. Despite the backlash he receives, Vas has fought to succeed and remain confident, starting his own magazine ‘TINGS’ whilst befriending many of America’s A-list elite.”

XTube will also be collaborating with plus-size model and activist Felicity Hayward, who recently starred in campaigns for global brands including Accessorize and featured in articles for the likes of Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue. Felicity continues to promote her campaign “Self-Love Brings Beauty,” working perfectly in line with XTube’s message of self-confidence and empowerment.

Rising LGBT YouTube stars TwoBeeps and Michael Buckley will also be featured in XTube’s campaign. Finally, activist Benjamin DiCosta is excited to collaborate in raising awareness of safe LGBT sex. As a survivor of Orlando’s Pulse shooting, HIV activist and escort, Benjamin is the perfect spokesman for the importance of diversity and acceptance.

“With wild games and prizes planned,” the spokesperson adds, “this day will certainly be wild and is not to be missed!”

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